Get to know us


We are Canadian Division of Dimes, Turkiye’s first fruit juice producer, which was founded in 1958 by Mustafa Vasfi Diren in Tokat. In 1943, Mustafa Vasfi Diren, our founder, graduated from the Bursa Agricultural School as an agricultural technician

Our Mission

We aim to provide society with the healthiest products of the highest quality in the most efficient manner, with the principle of respecting nature and humanity, always aiming to be the leader in the agriculture and livestock-based food and service sector.


Our Vision

To become an international company by 2015. This will be achieved by;

exporting 50% of our production and we will be increasing the number of countries we export to.

maintaining our leadership in the domestic market and increase our market share.

initiating growth of the sector by increasing the consumption per person.

achieving excellence in customer satisfaction and to always be the first choice for the consumer.

Our Values

We are an honest, trustworthy and successful team. We make no sacrifice on quality, we are environmentally and socially conscious, we constantly strive to improve knowledge and experience and justice in all areas of our business.