Pomegranate Juice
Pomegranate JuicePomegranate Juice

Dimes Pomegranate Juice

Antioxidant depot- Dimes Life Pomegranate Juice (%100)

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Quantity –

1 LT. * 12

Antioxidant depot- Dimes Life Pomegranate Juice (%100)

You will feel the pureness of Dimes Life Pure Pomegranate Juice in every sip. It is an indispensable part of modern life with its refreshing, healthy and delightful taste. Pomegranates were the symbol of fertility in mythology. It is an invaluable fruit for human health, containing Vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium and other minerals. Produced under the excellent quality standards of Dimes, Dimes Life Pure Pomegranate Juice contains no additives and is the first Pomegranate juice to be offered to consumers in screw cap packaging.

For healthy living:
• With its strong antioxidant effect and high level of vitamins and minerals, Pomegranate juice helps rid our body of toxins and it is highly useful in preventing ageing of the skin.
• Anti-aging means fighting against the negative effects of ageing. A glass of Pomegranate Juice each day plays an important part in your anti-aging activities.
• Experts state that one glass of Pomegranate Juice contains oxidants equivalent to 2 glasses of wine, 10 cups of green tea and 4 glasses of cornelian cherry juice.
• 1 liter of Dimes Life Pure Pomegranate Juice (%100) is made from the juice of 2.7 kg of Pomegranates.


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