Pure Pineapple Juice

Pure Pineapple Juice

The most delicious tropical taste: Pure Pineapple Juice

Quantity – 1 LT. * 12

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Product Description

Quantity –

1 Lt * 12

The most delicious tropical taste: Pure Pineapple Juice

You will experience the great taste of pineapples and the refreshing effect of tropical climates in every sip. As well as its seductive taste, pineapple juice contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, Vitamins A and C and helps combat bacteria and parasites.

For healthy living:
• It contains manganese, which supports the memory.
• It eases digestion, reduces the risk of infection and speeds up the healing of injuries
• It contains high concentrations of bromelin and is therefore a very healthy detoxifying fruit. • 1 litre of Dimes Pure Pineapple juice is made from the juice of 3 kg of fruit.


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